A prominent Logistics, Cargo & Container Terminal Management company striving for customer excellence.


To actively participate in the economic and social development of Pakistan. Mega Movers will operate through its national presence and global partners. Our concern will be mainly in the areas of Logistics, Cargo & Container Terminal ,Terminal Management & Warehousing services. Our prime interest will be the facilitation to all stakeholders related to CPEC projects of Logistics & Supply Chain cycle. We will strive to build and continue our deep rooted relations with all our existing and future customers.


Customer first: To keep the interests of the customer foremost in all operations.

Entrepreneurship: To make all employees think like owners of the business when they are identifying problems and taking decisions.

Empowerment of employees: To make all employees feel that they have the requisite power to take decisions in the interest of the clients & company .

Quality and performance: Continuous improvement of quality and performance standards in a creative and innovative manner to ensure business success. .

Corporate social responsibility (CSR): To conduct our businesses in an ethical and responsible manner fulfilling all our social obligations.